Welcome to Yoga-dendrum

charlie-kirkMy name is Charlie Kirk and I teach yoga classes in the Star Hall, Valencia Street, Mayfield in Newcastle.

Each class will provide you with tools and information to develop and add to your own unique yoga practice.  The classes are designed to work with both beginners and experienced students – and there are now separate chair yoga classes for people with challenges that make conventional classes difficult.

Yoga-dendrum takes its name from one of my favourite flowering plants – the Epidendrum (Crucifix) Orchid. Give these plants just a little bit of regular attention and watch them grow and develop into beautiful plants – which is much the same as our yoga practice.


As of Wednesday 18 March, all classes are cancelled. I believe this is in our best interest for both our health and our peace of mind. Over the coming weeks I will be providing short breath and meditation sessions similar to in our classes. If you have any concerns on how we can work through these unprecedented times please contact me.  I will be providing updates both here and on the FaceBook page – as well as sending text updates to regular class members.  If you are not receiving those texts, please contact me via the contact tab on this site.  Stay well, Hari OM Tat Sat.  Charlie

Natural Breath Awareness guided practice is now available on YouTube.  

Chair yoga sequences are now also available on the same YouTube page.

A 20 minute yoga nidra meditation (click the link) if you needed a bit of quiet / recharge time.