Welcome to Yoga-dendrum

charlie-kirkMy name is Charlie Kirk and I teach yoga classes in the Star Hall, Valencia Street, Mayfield in Newcastle.

Each class will provide you with tools and information to develop and add to your own unique yoga practice.  The classes are designed to work with both beginners and experienced students – and there are now separate chair yoga classes for people with challenges that make conventional classes difficult.

Yoga-dendrum takes its name from one of my favourite flowering plants – the Epidendrum (Crucifix) Orchid. Give these plants just a little bit of regular attention and watch them grow and develop into beautiful plants – which is much the same as our yoga practice.


Wednesday chair classes now start earlier at 5.30pm.

There are no Tuesday (20/10) or Thursday (22/10) classes this week.  Everything else is on.

Yoga in the Garden:   Weekly Saturday morning classes (9.30-10.30) at Gross Street Reserve, George Street Tighes Hill – continuing throughout Springtime.

See Facebook link for more details. If weather causes cancellation, updated on site here and on the Facebook page.

Zoom class:  Tuesday 12.30-1.30: please contact me if interested. 

Class sizes at the hall are limited to 15,  all  classes have capacity and there is no need to book in advance. I will be teaching with a mask and encourage you to also consider this – although it’s not compulsory.

You will need to bring your own mat and any other props you may like to use.  I will be teaching classes without the use of props – but BYO blanket for the yoga nidra would be a good idea.  The bolsters are available to use at the hall, if you need them for seated meditation or leg support in yoga nidra – but you MUST use a full cover on the bolster.  We will have specially made covers for sale ($15) if decide to use the bolster.  There will be no need for any props in the classes, however if you previously used cushions for support, you will have to bring your own.

Wednesday evening chair class will be taught by Karen.  All other classes as usual.

Hand sanitiser will be available at the hall.  The chairs will be wiped down before and after each class.

Payment can be by cash or EFT direct deposit if you’d prefer to avoid handling money.

Together we will get there – please contact me if you’ve any questions.  

Regards, Charlie


 The following practices are now available on YouTube.  You can also find them using the Video tab on this site.

Guided meditation / pranayama:  Natural Breath Awareness; Rhythmic Yogic Breath; Yoga Nidra (20 min) 

Chair yoga sequences: Spinal Movement sequence; Preparing for seated Salute to the Sun; Standing sequence.  Note these chair sequences work well if you’re used to more traditional classes – feel free to try them out!

My original 20 minute yoga nidra meditation  is still here (click the link) if you needed a bit of quiet / recharge time.