Chair Yoga

In Chair Yoga the chair replaces your yoga mat to work through a range of practices to provide a dynamic yet supported yoga practice with no active floor work. Poses are done either seated or standing, using the chair for support and balance.  There is no need to lie on the floor, no sitting cross-legged, no kneeling nor pressure on the wrists. There will still be the breath work and meditation – all done from your chair!

Note that on Wednesday nights you do have an option to lie on the floor for a yoga nidra meditation practice (but it can also be done seated).

Chair Yoga can be a great way to transition back into regular yoga classes following injury, or become your regular practice in its own right.

Each week the class rotates through a variety of asana poses.   New students are welcome in all classes.

Class times:

Monday afternoon 4.30-5.30 pm, and

Friday morning 9-10am.

Cost of the classes is $12.

I have a number of videos that demonstrate what to expect in a chair yoga class.  The link to those is here:

Karen Wells shares the teaching of this class.  Karen completed her Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Teaching in 2018. She recently (2020) completed a 2-year Diploma of Yoga Therapy  Yogic Wisdom at Boolaroo), and completed a 2 day chair yoga workshop with Living Peace Yoga in 2019. Mindfulness training with Monash University (online) in 2019 further adds to Karen’s skillset as a wonderful yoga teacher.

We have worked closely together in recent years to adapt specific poses to chair yoga.  Karen covers chair classes and is a valued teacher amongst students.

My (chair specific) Qualifications:

Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher Certification – 2018

Satyananda Yoga – Teaching For Seniors – 2013:

IYTA – Seniors Chair Yoga Teacher Training – 2018:

Living Peace Yoga – Teaching Chair Yoga workshop – 2019:

Daily Om (online) Chair Yoga for Healing, Strength & Mobility – 2019:

DRU Yoga – Chair Yoga full day workshop: – 2019

Yoga Vitality (online) – Chair Yoga for Healthy Aging – Dean Pohlman 2020

With 10 years plus of teaching experience, my formal training complements the practical experience of adapting traditional poses for students.